Monday, January 9, 2017

6 Ways to Keep Your Memories and Life Lessons Alive

Is your family documenting history? We all have those wacky family members whom every story revolves around. Your family could benefit from those stories. Not only does sharing memories with loved ones connect you on a deeper level, but it also helps those young family members build a sense of self--the can identify with you: what you've achieved and what you've learning through your failures.

Here are some methods to start your sharing:

1. Write your memories down in a notebook. Journaling can be a therapeutic practice and is a huge benefit of straining your brain to recall experiences and past events. STAYING SHARP begins at birth and continues across a whole lifespan. Sharing your life stories, especially electronically, helps keep your mind sharp. As time goes on, your family can use your journals as a way to connect with you and your history.

2. Reach out to those seldom talked to friends and family to help jog your memory about those long lost relatives and colorful characters of your life. This creates even more lasting relationships, and helps expand your social network.

3. Gather and share precious photos of long ago. Digging photos out of the depths of boxes can serve multiple purposes i.e. table toppers to decorate the dinner table, photos could be a great gift item for some.

4. Consider attending scrap booking events or classes, or just trying it out for yourself.

5. Seek out an expert who can passionately write your biography and help you document your memories: Truly giving the most valuable gift you can to future generations.

6. If you have yet to embrace the electronic world of today now is the time to ensure your photos are stored electronically and consider making copies to share with loved ones.

Resources to aid in your search for family history:

If you need help completing your family history, many tidbits have been well preserved at local city halls, high schools, and colleges.

Consider locating your grandparent’s year book, which their high school may have access to online.

You may find out you are related to a U.S. President or Irish royalty if you choose to take advantage of family history resources such as These resources can open your eyes to history you didn't know existed.

You may be thinking that your stories have fallen on the deaf ears of the youth I recommend trying again, as your family creates their family there will be a new found appreciation for your story.

Considering all that you have witnessed throughout the decades, now is not the time to slow down. Rather, embrace it as the time to begin weaving the decades of your life together, and reinvigorating all of your senses to live life with PURPOSE.

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